So me and this guy have been talking to each other for a while now and he’s literally so perfect his face kind of reminds me of Robert Sheehan and ugh I’m just so in love.

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I went Tumblr Pro and now my icon has a hat hahah, thanks Tumblr.

Watched some Skins episodes last night and it made me realize how much I miss it. So sad :(

Literally Skins has changed my life so much. I don’t know where I’d be now without it. I need a tattoo dedicated to it fer sure.

Effy Stonem officially leaves my life tomorrow. You don’t understand how depressed that makes me feel.

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Skins Fire part 1 is tomorrow, I don’t know if I should be excited as shit that their back or depressed as fuck that we’ll never be seeing them ever again.

Happy Fucking Birthday To Me!

One age closer to death, how lovely. *sarcasm*

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Can I just take a second to mention how fucking amazing crust pants look on girls? I need these jeans in my life.

I have a personal blog (click here) if anyone wants to follow it or check it out. It’s a side blog so I can’t follow back. I’m mostly always on this blog and post a lot more on here anyways but it’d be nice if someone looked at it and liked it enough to follow it. 

Happy fucking New Year my loves!

It’s not New Years here yet, but I’ll be long gone off Tumblr by the time it is. Out at my boyfriends house ready to party and get fucking trashed. Hope you all have fun yourselves! x